Tour in the Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is the heart of Russia, one of its main symbols, all over the world the Kremlin and the Red square are the synonymous of Moscow and Russia. The Moscow Kremlin has a long history. This is a military, administrative, cultural complex, formed by centuries. The first settlement – the future Moscow was founded on the Borovitsky hill at the place of the Kremlin. There the unification of the Russian lands began, and the troops of Dmitry Donskoy went away from that place to the Kulikovo field for the liberation from the Tatars, and there a new, powerful state was formed. At the same time in the 15-16th century, the Kremlin became a religious centre of the Orthodox world – the Third Rome. Today, the Kremlin is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation, the main social, political, religious, historical Museum complex in Moscow.

During the excursion to the Moscow Kremlin you will visit the Kremlin territory, the Assumption Cathedral and the Archangelsky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. Entering the Kremlin through the Kutafya tower and the Trinity gate, you will see the Arsenal building, constructed during the reign of Peter I, and the captured cannons of Napoleon’s army. Next you will move to the Ivanovskaya square and see the Senate Palace, the famous Tsar Cannon, the largest weapon of its time and the Tsar Bell weighing about 200 tons. You will come to the famous Cathedral square, perhaps the most beautiful square in Moscow. The square is surrounded by the Bell tower of Ivan the Great, the Patriarch’s Palace, the Church of Rizopolozheniya (home Church of Moscow metropolitans), the famous Palace of facets, the Annunciation and Archangesky cathedrals.

The territory of the Moscow Kremlin is open daily, except Thursday, from 10:00 till 17:00.

The tour duration is 1.5 hours.

Price of excursion includes: entrance tickets to the Kremlin, guide service.

Price per person English German, Spanish, Italian, French
2 pax 58 EUR 66 EUR
3-4 pax 44 EUR 49 EUR
5-6 pax 33 EUR 36 EUR

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