Tour to Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye

Initially, Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye was an estate of Moscow’s grand dukes and then it was owned by Tsar Family. The first and the most famous building there is the Church of the Ascension, this masterpiece of architecture is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. According to the legend, it was build after order of Vasiliy III as a gratitude to his wife for giving a birth to their son – Ivan the Terrible and in honor of his wedding.

Ivan the Terrible gave an order to construct Church of the Beheading of the Head of John the Baptist in the neighborhood. This mysterious building looks like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, however, architect is unknown. Church is associated with many secrets, one of which is dedicated to the library of Ivan the Terrible. It is considered, that the library is hidden somewhere in this church. Temple is surrounded by old graveyard and many visitors have confessed feeling very weird and supernatural atmosphere here. However, Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye became famous during the reign of Tsar Aleksey Mihailovich, many buildings were constructed there at this time, most of them still remain until nowadays.

But not only churches are the main attractions here, there are many outbuildings, engineering and administrative constructions of that epoch, for example Water Tower or Colonel’s chambers. It used to be «an eighth wonder of the world» here – huge wood palace of tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich. Now it`s copy was built close to the territory of museum – reserve Kolomenskoye. Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye was opened in 1923, after the opening, many architectural monuments were transferred here – Tower of Bratsk Stockaded Fort, Tower of Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery and House of Peter the Great from Arkhangelsk. At the moment, museum – reserve Kolomenskoye is a vast complex of territories with natural and architectural monuments from totally different periods of times.

Museum – reserve Kolomenskoye is one of the main must-see places of Moscow and very popular among Russian and foreign travelers.

Museum – reserve Kolomenskoye is opened daily: April-October (from 8 to 22.00) March-November (from 8 to 21.00).

Duration of excursion – 3 hours.

Price of excursion includes: entrance ticket, guide services, tickets to metro.


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