Tour to Moscow, 2 days / 1 nights

Dear Guests!

We invite you to make a short tour to Moscow before going to TransSib excursion. It will be better for you to have a short rest after arriving from your country before this full of impressions trip to Siberia.

Dear Travellers!

If you want to make your own route on Trans-Siberian Railway, please, contact us, and we will gladly try to do our best to fulfil your wishes. You can add some more cities or excursions. Also you can add some more days in every city. We are waiting for your request!

Precios desde 407 Euro per persona!

Por ejemplo, DBL alojamiento en hotel Cosmos**** (desayuno incluido) 1 noche, 1 billete para el tren Moscu - Ulan-Bator - 407 Euro per persona.

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Money Matters


Ruble (Rbl) = 100 kopecks

Currency exchange:

Foreign currency should only be exchanged at official bureau and all transactions must be recorded on the currency declaration form which is issued on arrival. It is wise to retain all exchange receipts. Bureaux de change are numerous and easy to locate. Large shops offer their own exchange facilities.

Use Rubles at all times, but take Euro or US Dollars with you for exchange at banks or at your Hotel. Avoid street-based money changers: let your guide change money for you outside the office hours. Changing older (pre-1996) and shabby US banknotes can be a problem. Traveler's checks are not so widespread in Russia, marginally useful on the way there. The bigger shops, hotels and some restaurants accept Visa/Master cards. You can also cash your credit cards in local ATMs. Most local banks are open 9:00-18:00, some of them have an hour lunch break. Round-the-clock money exchange service is available in some hotels (though the rate is a bit lower than the bank rate).


Hotels in Moscow and other large cities include a 10-15% service charge. Otherwise 10% is customary.

Credit cards:

Major European and international credit cards, including American Express, MC, Visa and Diners Club, are accepted in the larger hotels and at foreign currency shops and restaurants. But cash is preferred.

Travelers cheques:

cash is preferred

Currency restrictions

The import and export of local currency is prohibited. All remaining local currency must be reconverted at the point of departure. The import of foreign currency is unlimited, subject to declaration. The export of foreign currency is limited to the amount declared on arrival. You can buy legal permission for export of additional currency for about 1% of full amount in almost every bureau de change.

Banking hours:

09.30-17.30 Monday to Friday