Tour to Moscow, 2 days / 1 nights

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We invite you to make a short tour to Moscow before going to TransSib excursion. It will be better for you to have a short rest after arriving from your country before this full of impressions trip to Siberia.

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If you want to make your own route on Trans-Siberian Railway, please, contact us, and we will gladly try to do our best to fulfil your wishes. You can add some more cities or excursions. Also you can add some more days in every city. We are waiting for your request!

Precios desde 407 Euro per persona!

Por ejemplo, DBL alojamiento en hotel Cosmos**** (desayuno incluido) 1 noche, 1 billete para el tren Moscu - Ulan-Bator - 407 Euro per persona.

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Transsib program' 2013

Tour 711 14 days/13 nights

04.07 - 17.07, 11.07 - 24.07, 18.07 - 31.07, 25.07 - 07.08*, 15.08 - 28.08*, 22.08 - 04.09
* - Olimpic games in Beijing, see the Price

Day 1 Moscow

  • At the evening transfer to the train station and departure from Moscow to Irkutsk

Day 2-4

  • On the train

Day 6 Irkutsk

  • Breakfast, excursion on Circumbaikal Line (lunch and dinner in the train). Accommodation in Listvyanka village.

The highlight of the trip to Siberia is certainly the lake Baikal. The nearest site easily accessible for tourists is Listvyanka village on the shore of the lake. It is at one hour drive from Irkutsk along the Angara River across the Siberian taiga-forest. Listvyanka is stretching along the shore of the lake for 3 km. From Listvyanka port begin all cruises, boat ridings, far-distance sea and river transfers, excursion on the old Trans-Siberian railroad. The left shore of Baikal, where Listvyanka is located, is a mountainous one and hardly appropriate for tourists` facilities. The right shore line counts numerous campings along the old Trans-Sib. The old Trans-Siberian is one of the main features of Baikal, now it is a railroad siding. From Listvyanka boats and hydrofoils provide transfers to the opposite and northern shores of the lake, also to Olkhon, the biggest island of Baikal. Baikal occupies a rift valley that is 7 times as deep as the Grand Canyon of America.

Day 7 Irkutsk

  • Breakfast, excursion in Listvyanka with Limnological museum, transfer to Irkutsk, free time, departure to Ulan-Bator.

Day 8

  • On the train.

Day 9 Ulan-Bator

  • Arrival in Ulan-Bator, accommodation in the hotel, breakfast, city-tour with visits to "Gandan" monastery, Sukhe-Bator square, Zaisan memorial hill, Bogdkhan museum, panoramic view of city.

    Gandan Monastery
    The Gandan Monastery is situated on the slope of Mt.Wanpur to the east of Lhasa. Looking from distance, it looks very much like a castle. Some one says that Mt.Wanpur resembles a sitting elephant with the Gandan Monastery on its back. In the early 15th century, the Monastery was built by Zonkaba . His tomb is in it. Under the north wall of the Tomb Hall, there is said to be a flying rock from India. It is also being worshipped by the Buddhists.

Day 10 Ulan-Bator

  • Breakfast, transfer to the train station, departure to Beijing.

Day 11 Beijing

  • Arrival in Beijing, transfer to the hotel, accommodation.

Day 12 Beijing

Day 13 Beijing

Day 14

  • Breakfast, departure transfer.

Day 5 Irkutsk


* - the Price during the Olimpic games in Beijing
Number of touristsin EURO per person per trip
1 pax2808 | 4588*
2 pax2107 | 3817*
3 - 5 pax1999 | 3698*
6 - 9 pax1896 | 3585*
ab 10 pax1867 | 3550*
SGL suppl. ab pax310 | 340*
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Price includes:
  • accommodation in Irkutsk, hotel "Irkutsk-Baikal-Otel"***
  • accommodation in Listvyanka village, hotel "Baikal"***
  • accommodation in Ulan-Bator, hotel "Chinggis Khan"****
  • accommodation in Beijing, hotel "Novotel Peace"****
Services Not Included:
  • accommodation in Irkutsk, hotel "Irkutsk-Baikal-Otel"***
  • accommodation in Listvyanka village, hotel "Baikal"***
  • accommodation in Ulan-Bator, hotel "Chinggis Khan"****
  • accommodation in Beijing, hotel "Novotel Peace"****

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All local taxes are included. All rates are subject to change.

Please, don`t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone directly to our office. We will answer all your questions. We are sure you won`t reget if you decide to present yourself and your family with this unforgettable experience.